My Process

As an experienced graphic designer and WordPress developer, I’ve established an efficient process that puts planning and organization into action. To give you an idea of how it all works, I’ve prepared a thorough outline of my workflow.

00 // Consultation

Introductions > Project Proposal > Kickoff

Once you’ve visited my Get Started page and have filled out the project application, I’ll get in touch with you to set up a time to discuss your project in further detail. I’ll start by learning about you, your business, and your goals. These preliminary questions will give me the insight I’ll need to prepare a project proposal. After the proposal is approved we’ll officially kick off the project and I’ll take you through the on-boarding process.

01 // Define the Project

Discover > Clarify > Plan

This part of the process is all about gathering information and developing a solid plan. You'll complete my design questionnaire and fill a secret Pinterest board with visual inspiration, and I’ll create a project roadmap to keep us focused and on track. Once we’ve established who you are and where you’re headed, I’ll begin the research and analysis phase by taking a look at your target market and reviewing the competitive landscape to find out what it will take to set you apart.

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One of the biggest reasons for project delay is late content. If you don’t already have your content planned, written, and structured then be prepared to create time for this task to meet all deadlines.

02 // Develop Site Structure

Content Review > Site Mapping > User Experience

At this point we will review your existing and planned content and you should be prepared to submit a content outline. Based on that outline I’ll create a content delivery schedule and a basic site map. For larger projects, I may create wireframes and map out key user paths.

03 // Design

Develop Style Tiles > Get Feedback > Finalize Design

After reviewing the site goals established during the discovery process, I’ll start the design phase and will develop 2-3 style tiles to present to you. Once you’ve selected one that will determine the final direction, I’ll design the full page comps and create a design prototype. We’ll go through 2 rounds of feedback before finalizing the design.

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Style Tiles are the newest thing in agile development. They are a design deliverable—halfway between a mood board and full screen mockup. Designers are able to create fast iterations and present clients with multiple interface choices that consist of very broad visual elements (typography, color palette, interface elements, etc.). Unlike full mockups that take a lot of time and are costly, they help to keep the design process efficient and cost effective.

04 // Development

Build > Integrate > Test

This is where the magic starts to happen. When the design has been finalized, I’ll set up a local environment to start building and testing the site. Once complete, it will be moved to a staging server where I’ll perform cross-browser and device testing and then send it to you for review where you’ll get the chance to test it on your own devices.

05 // Launch and Beyond

Deliver > Launch > Maintain

I’ll move the site to the live server and will schedule a one-hour basic training session to walk you through how to use it. We will also discuss your post-launch plan to maintain your site. If you aren’t equipped or able to keep your site updated we can discuss my Website Care Plans to see how I can help.