Ready to Get Started?

Chances are, you’ve been looking for the perfect designer for your project. If you think we may be a good match, read through the list of my required conditions below. This will help determine if I’m truly the right fit for you.

01 // You’re the decision maker

You’ll be the one reviewing, signing off, and making all the final decisions. I expect that you will trust my expertise in the area of design and development of your online presence, and that you will be able to give clear, realistic, and timely feedback. I’ll be working directly with you, not a committee.

02 // You know your audience

As an established business you have clear goalsyou're looking to continue building your tribe and establish an online presence that will serve them better. You should have a solid understanding of your ideal customer, target market, and competitive landscape.

03 // You have the time

Planning, designing, and building your site will take time and I will need your undivided attention during that process. If you are too busy to respond promptly, cannot provide requested deliverables on time, or are unable to make yourself available, then perhaps this is not the right time to build your site.

04 // Your content is ready

One of the biggest reasons for project delay is late content. To avoid this you should have fully edited, professionally prepared content and images ready to go before we begin. I will do a content audit once the project kicks off to ensure the content is of the highest quality. PLEASE NOTE: Photography plays a large role in my overall design aesthetic so you must be prepared to invest in custom photography or HIGH-QUALITY stock photos.

05 // Your Hosting

For a streamlined development process and to ensure your site performs at the highest levels, I work with only one hosting provider. That means you'll have to move to my preferred hosting vendor. I’ll handle the set up but you will have direct access and control of your hosting dashboard.

06 // You're Awesome!

Kindness. Respect. Humility. Gratitude. These are the values that I live by in both my work and personal life. It only makes sense to work with individuals who share a similar perspective. If this sounds like you, let’s partner up and have fun building something beautiful.

If you have questions or need more clarity please review the FAQ’s and My Process. You may find your answer in one of those two places. If you find that you still have questions feel free to Contact Me directly. I’d love to hear from you.


If you read through the above and are even more convinced that we would make a killer team then hit the apply button below.